Shocker for Shaun on The Chase – Knocked for 6


The Chase 19th May 2016 featured surely the worst performance by a Chaser. What must be the lowest winning score on The Chase.


In a game which featured some reasonably good players starting of brilliantly with Ernie getting £9,000 in the cashbuilder and sticking with that and qualifying against Shaun The Dark Destroyer.

It was onto former doctor Anita who scored £7,000 and again took it back to the table bringing the total upto £16,000.

Language teacher Amy managed £4,000 and stuck with it.  Her hsubands advice was take the lowest offer but Amy was n't going to go minus. She duly won through for some wooden flooring.

Fourth contestant Mark was quickly put out with £4,000.

So with £20,000 Amy,Anita, and Ernie managed to score a respectable 16 with a 3 point start.

Shaun's turn got off to a reasonable start but he just fell away dwelling on many answers. The team got 11 pushbacks and converted 7.   Shaun said he just 'died of death' and that was his 'poor day at the office'. 

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Amy on The Chase
New wooden flooring for Amy
Poor Day at Office - The Dark Destroyer
Team win £20,000 against low scoring Shaun

Poor Day at Office - The Dark Destroyer

Poor Day at Office - The Dark Destroyer
Poor Day at Office - The Dark Destroyer