Microsoft Series S and X Headphones Comfortable Yes or No

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Question, are Microsofts New Series X Series S Headphones Comfortable.  Comparison with Steel Series Arctis 3 Headphones.

So I'm a 40 odd year old gamer and I've made the switch from Playstation to Xbox.  So far I know I've made the right decision, especially with the mighty Ultimate Gamepass you have great games, a back catalogue of not just first person shooters and a bargain price which quite honestly is a hive away.

Owning a Series X and Series S which is sort of an accident.  The S was out and got this from Argos, tried to get a PS5 from Game and few days later I could get the Series X and went with that.  I've thought of selling the S, but it's so lovable in its own right.

Anyways the Microsoft Series X\S Headphones what are they like.  Also are the Microsoft Headphones Comfortable.



Microsoft Series S| Series X quick Review and Comfortableness

So for £100.00 what do you get.   You get a very nice looking, stylish and wireless headphones.  They technically wise fit with the consoles and as they are genuine Microsoft have basically made a set which is no expense spared for £100.00 and great quality.

Set up.

Pairing with your console takes a few mins and you do have to do a quick upgrade. Once done you are good to go.  Press the Green Button on side of your Series console and the headphones pair, or if your console is not on, the headphones will turn on your console.  For some this might be annoying.


You can customise your headphones using graphic eqauliser, you can also set up Dolby Atmos which as yet I have not tried.   As yet not tried this, though it's been downloaded.   The Sound is very good and the more games I play the more I will update this review.  Playing Outriders the sounds, even foot steps as well as the loud explosions and gun shots during battles are really fab and you think yes, £100 i've made a good decision rather than paying £170 for Arctis 9's.


I've used them for 40 hours and this is where my main gripe in comparison with the pair of Arctis 3's I'd bought initially waiting for the Microsoft Official Series S and X Headphones to come out, the soft leather ear pads are not great for me personally.

The leather is soft and yes does form a good seal and I guess it's enclosing and makes them immersive.   Playing a game though for an hour I can feel a tightness as  there's not a great deal of adjustablility and they can be tight.  You can take them off and you feel as though our ears are able to breath and I could swear my ears are sweating.

You can put on the Arctis 3's and straight away you feel they are bigger, more flexible and there is not this tightness around your ears.  If I had to describe the feeling of the Microsoft Headphones on your head it's as if you have a sink plunger on each side of your head.   The difference in swapping is very noticeable.   The Arctis 3's have a fabric material for their ear cups and it gives you this breathability.


Perhaps the Artcis 7's or Arctis 9's might have been the better comparison in terms of Wireless v Microsofts Headphones but if you are on a budget of sub £100 there is nothing wrong with the Arctis 3 and they have great comfortableness.  The Microsoft Series S and Series X Headphones are a bit tight, the ear cups might be uncomfortable  for some.  Where they are great is that the style is just right. The rotating volume on each ear cup is  nice. The microphone I would have to test and update this review on.  The pairing is easy and simple.   The sound though is where you feel oh did I hear that previously in other headphones or as clear.   They do come with a lot of bass and this for some might need to be adjusted.

Should I buy the Microsoft Series S \ X Headphones.  Yes they are a worthy buy and you will not feel they are a waste of money but comfortableness mmmhhh some people may think this could have been approved on.



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