Series S Best Transportable Console – Small – Powerful and So Portable

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What is the best console to take on your travels - Answer The Series S.

So I'm a 40 odd year old gamer and I've made the switch from Playstation to Xbox.  So far I know I've made the right decision, especially with the mighty Ultimate Gamepass you have great games, a back catalogue of not just first person shooters and a bargain price which quite honestly is a hive away.

Owning a Series X and Series S which is sort of an accident.  The S was out and got this from Argos, tried to get a PS5 from Game and few days later I could get the Series X and went with that.  I've thought of selling the S, but it's so lovable in its own right.

Why have I kept the Series S  rather than selling it  punting it when I got the Series X.   Answer it's great to take places.   Ok, so we have Covid and we ain't going as many places as we might have before, but hopefully those days will return.   So for the time being I mainly take to my girlfriends or occasionally take to a friends house.   The machine is light weight, I will take the console, the plug, hdmi lead, Series S Controller and a pair of headphones.  I don't tend to take my Series X-S Wireless Headphones as can use my Arctis 3's with my laptop etc and its one less thing to charge.   Also take a small battery charger for the controller and some Panasonic AA Battery's.   Generally dont have a problem with playing console for around 5-10 hours if I do play the console.   Purpose of having a partner I guess is not to play consoles so much, especially over 40.   Even if I've take the Series S in my bag and don't play it at hers, I dont think jeez I have lugged this big heavy console and all these accessories that I wish I had n't.  It's almost an insignificant thing to put in my bag for a weekend away.

I'm going to say a few reason's why the Series S is so great value, awesome technological wise, and  portable to be the best console for your travels.

Microsoft Series S - Great Value

It's a next generation console and it costs £249.00.    Ok first things first the storage space is not great if you are going to play Outriders, Call of Duty, GTA5, Fifa, Forza and Red Dead Redemption.  So that's that, space will be limited.   4K, resolution 120FPS, I'm not fussed by it thats what the Series X is for, so again thats that.  You get what you pay for.  The Series S, is a next generation console with some great games, graphics, speedy hard drive and the design has actually grown on me.  Add Game Pass and you have a fabulous package to keep you amused.

Microsoft Series S - Awesome Technological Wise.

Ok you can check Microsoft Website for the details why it's great technological wise.   For me who is 48, the SSD Hard Drive and the boot up times are just fantastic.  Outriders is a game I play a lot and the travel between areas on the map is everything I have wanted.  Growing up with a Spectrum, Sega, Sony, PC's etc wait times have been a chore, we are finally at a stage where load times are rapid.  They are not instantaneous yet but we are close.  There's a  nice controller to share with your pals your game time.  There's a small console which packs a punch  in little more than a shoebox.

Microsoft Series S - Portable Console

I explained in the opening paragraphs about taking it to my girlfriends and my friends.   The console is just so lightweight.  You take a couple of things and it's there good to go.  I can't imagine taking my Series X with me regularly the weights just that bit too much.  I'd also be thinking moving it around so much, it might break and who knows how long it would take to get a new one even if under warranty.  The Series S is at that price point that if it broke and was out of warranty you could wait til next months wages and buy a new one, plus they ain't in short supply.

Previously I worked for a company and did a few roadshows etc.   Spent a few nights etc in a hotel.  I can really imagine taking the Series S with me and plugging it into the TV on the hotel wall.  Ok yeah you'd have to get signed upto Wifi which some hotels charge for, but it would make those hours flyby.  Also if God forbid you left it at hotel, you'd be scunnered but not as much as a Series X.  Obviously you'd hope hotel returned it.

The Series S, just is so lightweight and the more you play it, you don't feel as though you are missing out.  The drive space would probably annoy you before the graphics but the access to so many old games and new games via Ultimate Gamepass just put's those things to the side.

One thing I have unfortunately had with the Series S and it being white is a few scuff marks, fortunately underneath but can't seem to polish off.


So I got the two consoles and I am fortunate.  I am happy that I have the Series S and switched from Sony this time round with Next Gen.  The Series S it's almost like the Herbie of Consoles, it's fairly plain to look at just as VW's were.  The blackspot is almost a number 53.   It's got all of the things above which make it so practical, portable and cheap. If you are fortunate enough to have the two you can play your Series X saves on your Series S on the move.   I was tempted to get a PS5 Digital initially and I got the Series S.   The Series S is fab to take away and just play games and on a small TV to large TV you don't feel short changed.  I'd really recommend at present the Series S as a main console if you can't afford or get hold of the Series X.  The space is concern and the extra storage space of 1TB SSD at almost same price of the Series S just makes no sense.

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